It is no big secret that no matter what industry you are in, you need the right tools to do the job. Body piercing is no different. There is a wide-range of body piercing supplies made available on the market these days. When considering what body piercing supplies you will need, you must first keep in mind the importance of the quality of the piercings tools. Purchasing quality body piercing equipment can help ensure that the part of the body being pierced does not get infected. Therefore, you want to look for piercing tools that are made of the finest metal such as surgical steel.

What Body Piercing Supplies to Get First

The most standard gauges for body piercing needles are a 14 gauge and a 16 gauge. These needles are typically used for nipple, lip labret, eyebrow, navel and tongue piercings. An 18 gauge piercing needle is also popular for nose piercings. Even though body piercing needles come in all different gauges, the needles mentioned above are the most standard. Body piercing tools come in a wide-range for many different applications. First, you should start with some basics like ring opening pliers and ring closing pliers. These pliers will be used for opening and closing captive bead rings. Another important piercing tool to get is hemostat forceps which comes in straight and curved varieties. This handy tool is used to hold jewelry steady when doing a piercing. Pennington and Forester forceps are also a necessity to have. These piercing tools are used to hold the part of the body being pierced while inserting a needle. You can find these body piercing tools and more when visiting a well-established online body jewelry store.

Sterilization Is a Must

Sterilization is an extremely important part of the body piercing tools line. Using body piercing gloves is essential to avoid the spread of infection and disease. It is also a good idea to purchase an autoclave sterilization machine. The simple concept of this machine is it uses high steam and heat, to sterilize piercing tools as well as the body jewelry that is going to be used. Though there is many other body piercing supplies you will eventually need, this list should get you started with the basics. Remember that each piercing task requires the right piercing tool for the job. While you are looking at piercing tools do not forget to buy piercing aftercare products as well they are also necessary for your body piercing supply list. For more information about piercing tools contact by visiting their website today.