Unbeknownst to many, Lip piercing has been around for centuries. The Dogon tribe of Mali and the Nuba tribe of Ethiopia are the ones who pierce their lips with a ring, but for religious purposes. Now, it has become a fad that just won’t go away.

Young (and adult) people nowadays have this strong sense of individuality and they must show it no matter what. Come, lip piercings. They are extremely popular amongst men and women. From labret studs to circular barbells, you can choose the perfect jewelry to match your unique personality.

Listed below are the different types of lip piercings you can choose from!

Medusa – A Gorgon for Your Lips

Named after the Greek Mythology Monster Medusa, this piercing is also known as the Philtrum Piercing because it’s placed through the center of the upper lip; the philtrum. This type is normally worn with a Labret stud, although other jewelry is also possible. Tip: you need to have a good piercer because one false move in piercing this could make your face unsymmetrical.

Monroe – Gentlemen Prefer Piercings

Marilyn Monroe has been the style icon since the 50’s. That’s why this type has been patterned to emulate the beauty mark of Marilyn. On the left hand side on the top of the upper lip is where you pierce it. Similarly, a labret stud is used for this kind of piercing. The advantage: it heals way faster than other piercings. This may be one of the most painful to do because of the nerves surrounding the lip area. No doubt, beauty has a price.

Madonna – Not Just For the Material Girls

If you’re feeling the 80’s vibe, why don’t you try this type? The Madonna piercing is similar to the Monroe but only to the right hand side. The site resembles the beauty mark of our dear Queen of Pop, Madonna. Labret studs are the top choice for this kind. Now, pucker up and show off your studs like it’s the very first time!

Vertical Labret – The Mistaken Identity

A very popular type, they said that this type was born due to an error on the side of the piercer. It was intended to be a labret piercing and to hide the mistake, labeled it as “The Vertical Labret”. The photo of it got shared online and later on, many people started to have it as well. This piercing is done in the center of the lower lip travelling at an upward angle with the upper exit slightly forward or on top of the lower lip. Curved barbells are the thing here. This is a perfect example that mistakes can do wonders too.

Image by @briannagracexx on Instagram
Image by @briannagracexx on Instagram

Snake bite – Lips worth Biting

This is a bite that you might want. Snake bites are piercings done on each side of the lower lip. Evenly placed, you can get both piercings at the same time. Labret studs are also popular with this type.

Dahlia bites – More Than Just a Flower

In the Language of Flowers, the Dahlia is a symbol of inner strength and creativity. This is also true to the Dahlia bites. This is done on each corners of the mouth with steel balls as a popular choice but rings could be of use too.

Image by @ulvesha on Instagram
Image by @ulvesha on Instagram

Jestrum – Opposite of Vertical Labret

If the vertical labret is not to your fancy, you could try this type. A similar piercing to a vertical labret, but is placed vertically through the upper lip using a curved barbell and both beads are visible. Due to its location and similarity to Vertical Labret, some also call it the Vertical Medusa.

The Cyber Bites – Tale of Two Piercings

Can’t choose between a Medusa and a Labret? Why not both? Cyber bites are the piercing for you. A combination of the two, one piercing is done in the center just above the top and just below the bottom lip. The piercings are equal and opposite each other. You can never go wrong with Labret studs.


Give Your Pout a Make Over

Lip piercing is something that’s here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. They give you a sense of fashion and identity. With the right piercing and choice of jewelry, you can definitely show some attitude and turn everyone’s heads. Get your choice of jewelry today by visiting our store for you next lip-spiration!