As lip piercings become more and more popular, body modification experts come up with new ways to pierce the are of the lips. One of the most recent kinds of piercing are bites. Bites is the term that is used for when lip piercings are done in sets. Like always make sure a body modifications professional is doing your piercing and that you follow all the the directions for aftercare.

The first kind of Bites we will explore is the Angelbites. It is the double version of the Monroe where the piercing is worn on both sides of the upper lip. Angelbites are just as painful as any Monroe piercing and the care should be the same. Another kind of bite is Cyberbites, which is the combination of the Medusa and the Labret piercing. The piercing would be located at the center of the top lip, right under the septum of the nose, and at the center of the bottom lip, right above the chin. Both the Cyberbites and the Angelbites require a labret stud as its jewelry. Make your piercing is completely healed before switching out any jewelry from a piercing.

Other types of bites are Snakebites, which is the same as the Angelbites but located on the bottom lip. There is also Spiderbites, which is two piercings placed together on one side of the lower lip, left or right. And a variation of the Spiderbites is the Viperbites. Viperbites are Spiderbites but slightly more spaced apart than Spiderbites would be. And finally there is Caninebites, these are daring combination of Angelbites and Snakebites. It is four piercing, two on both sides of the upper lip, and two on both sides of the lower lip. Angelbites, Spiderbites, Viperbites, and Caninebites can be accessorized with labret studs or captive bead rings. Always make sure that your piercing is completely healed before switching out any jewelry from a piercing.

When getting any of these lip piercings (Monroe, Medusa, Labret, Vertical Lip, and Bites), make sure that your body modification professional has had experience with lip piercings. Also, the professional should be perform the procedure in a sanitized area such as a body modification studio. The professional should also be using all sterilized equipment and gloves.

Like any piercing follow all the instructions of your body modification professional, some swelling may occur, as well some pain and redness. And always buy your jewelry from a reputable seller.