In the world of Body Modification, one of the most popular piercings is lip piercings. There are many different types of lip piercings and each one of them will have its one unique look depending on the person’s facial features. Due to popular demand many young boys and young girls have been getting these lip piercings to look more attractive and sexy. Lip piercings is a type of facial piercings that penetrate your lips from one side to the other. Lip piercings also include any piercings surrounding the lips. Lip piercings also run the risk of gum and tooth damage due to the jewelry rubbing against it. Make sure that the person doing your piercing is a professional body modification expert and has a lot of experience with lip piercings. Also, always follow the proper aftercare that your professional provides you with. Another thing to keep in mind is to always buy your body jewelry from a reputable seller.

The most common lip piercing is the Monroe. This piercing is located on the upper lip, placed a little bit of center. It is used to give the illusion of having a beauty mark on the face, and it is more common on woman than men. Other names used for this piercing are Madonna, or Crawford. The jewelry used for this kind of piercing is a labret with a gauge between 14 and 18. One of the many advantages to this piercing is that it is one of the least painful lip piercings and that it is also one of the fastest healing of all piercings. It is important to know that many of the labret piercings can cause some teeth or gum damage if not worn correctly.  Also improper oral hygiene can invite infection to any lip piercings.

Another recently popular lip piercing is the Medusa piercing. The Medusa piercing is located on the upper lib, positioned right below the septum of the nose on the philtrum (the vertical groove in the upper lip). The jewelry for this kind of piercing is typically a Labret, but in some cases people will prefer to use a captive bead ring. Medusa piercings take about 12 weeks to heal completely. Like all labrets piercings, gum and teeth damage can happen if not worn properly. Also, bad oral hygiene will cause infection.

Another cool and trendy piercing is the Labret piercing. It also known as the bottom lip piercing or lower-lip piercing. This piercing is positioned on the lower lip, right below the lip and above the chin. This piercing is very popular among men and women, due to its uniqueness. The most common jewelry for this piercing is the labret, but a captive bead ring can also be used on this piercing. This piercing takes about 12 week for it to completely heal. Gum and tooth damage is one of the risk if not taken care of properly. Also, improper oral hygiene will increase the risk of infection on your piercing.

The last lip piercing that will be discussed is the Vertical Lip. This piercing is position on the bottom lip. It is done through the center of the bottom lip and out the bottom of the lip parallel to the lip tissue. It will be visible on both the top and the bottom of the lip. The most common jewelry for this piercing is the straight barbell, but a captive bead ring can also be used on this piercing. The healing process of this piercing is about 12 weeks. There is not any risk besides the risk of infection due to bad oral hygiene.