Ready to Get Stoned Again?

If you remember, not too long ago, we touched base on the various stones and precious metals commonly used in making body jewelry on Let’s Get Stoned : Precious Stones of Body Jewelry. In this article, we’ll dig a bit deeper on the meanings of some of the beautiful stones and crystals that are used to make body jewelry, such as Tiger’s eye, Jade, Unakite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian and more.
You may look at some of these beautiful stones (or crystals as they are more commonly referred to, spiritually speaking) and think they are simply beautiful in aesthetics, but did you know that these crystals have long been used spiritually to balance the mind, body, and spirit? Did you know that feng shui practitioners, reiki healers, and other energy healing practices have been using these stones for ages to facilitate love, wealth, protection and beyond? Let’s get stoned and find out what other benefits our crystal body jewelry may be able to help us with – other than the obvious task of body adornment.

Stone, Rock, or Crystal?

Okay…these look like…rocks….
So why the &$%^ are we calling them “crystals”?
Let’s clear this up before proceeding. While it may be tempting to call the materials we’ll discuss below as “stones” and “rocks”, these natural earth materials are made up of a crystal lattice pattern in structure and “grow” over time from a process nucleation. The word itself has Greek roots and refers to krystallos , or clear ice. They are so much more than simple “stones” in their atomic make up and of course, they do seem magical when you see them in their raw forms just hanging out in nature…
Enough about why science…let’s get to the fun stuff…

Crystal Healing : Kook or Kool ?

Crystal Healing is a non-proven, metaphysical belief that each and every crystal form was created with a certain energy properties and can benefit the wearer with physical, mental, psychic, and emotional support. Although there is no science behind the practice, it is so widely accepted as an alternative healing practice that it has been integrated in many holistic and natural health practices.
Ancient civilization and folklore also support these beliefs. Native Americans, the Ancient  & Modern Chinese and so many other cultures use crystals for protection, hope, love, and health…
Ear Plugs are perfect for getting “stoned” ! Image courtesy of Ms. Violet Firehock

Speaking of Love … Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is said to be the stone of unconditional loss. This pale or dark pink stone is on most commonly associated with attracting love into one’s life, including for the self. The healing properties of Rise Quartz include a calming affect, dissipating anger and aggression and is the Goddess stone of Aphrodite so it carries a feminine energy just like the color implies. If you are looking to invite more love into your life, whether it is in the form of a new romantic partner, deeper love with your existing partner or more love and acceptance for yourself, this crystal is the one to wear to attract such into your life.


Double Flare Rose Quartz Saddle Plugs
Double Flare Rose Quartz Saddle Plugs

Shades of Jades

Jade stones are known for their ability to attract blessings, great friendships, protection, and access to the spiritual realms. It is most widely adored crystal in China, even today. Jade is available in many shades and each one offers a slightly different property.
White Jade  – this is a clarity stone. White Jade helps to clear the mind of the wearer for sound decision making, less confusion and defends against distractions.
Green Jade – the mostly widely seen color of Jade. Green Jade brings luck, love and friendship and helps the wearer view themselves most clearly. Green Jade is also associated with prosperity.
Purple/Lavender Jade – a comforting stone. Shades of Purple/Lavender Jade soothes emotional upset and provides spiritual support in understanding and accepting negative emotions.

Double Flare White Jade Saddle Plugs
Double Flare White Jade Saddle Plugs

Tiger’s Eye

This beautiful brown and gold stone has many uses; it helps that wearer to worry less and care less about what other’s think of them. Tiger’e Eye is great for those who often have fears of social interactions and have nervousness around others. It’s said to help those that are self conscious or struggle with low self esteem. It’s also said to aid the immune and digestive system for the wearer.


This one is a really cool crystal with it’s green and pink flecks. This one is used to stabilize emotions and encourage healthy relationships. It also brings it wearer success in business endeavors the creative and fashion industries. It also aids the body in healthy tissue regeneration and supports the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.
 Unakite Semi-Precious Saddle-Fit Plugs
Unakite Semi-Precious Saddle-Fit Plugs


Obsidian is a glassy black crystal formed from volcanic ash which gives it it’s opaque black color. This is a stone of protection and is commonly used for it’s ability to remove negativity. It is considered to be a “grounding stone” for the wearer- helping the wearer to feel connected to earth, nature, and one’s divine self.
Physically, it resonated with the stomach and digestive system, protects from bacterial and viral infections as well as the muscles of the body.
Snowflake Obsidian Semi-Precious Saddle-Fit Plugs
Snowflake Obsidian Semi-Precious Saddle-Fit Plugs

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stunning blue stone that is quite popular and has long been revered as the stone of truth, personal power or empowerment. It can be used to in meditation to facilitate to higher levels of connection to the spirit realm, as well as in self discovery work. It can also help those who suffer from a anxious, multi tasking mind as Lapis Lazuli helps to encourage the wearer to be more organized and focused. (Okay, I seriously need this in my life…)
Physically, Lapis Lazuli is said to help with a wide array of disorders such as eye problems, sinus issues, cancer, infertility, insomnia and fibromyalgia  among others.
Double Flare Lapis Lazuli Saddle Plugs
Double Flare Lapis Lazuli Saddle Plugs

Stoner’s Delight

This is just a few of the popular crystal properties but there are literally hundred of different crystals and stones used for crystal healing. The recommendation to reap the benefits of these crystal power, they must be kept close or ideally, worn or carried in your pocket. Luckily, we are piercing addicts and have piercings to place body jewelry made of the crystal of our choice directly on our piercings for skin to stone contact.
What better way to reap the benefits that to have it with us all day nestled in our piercings, continually beaming it’s healing properties directly into us? Browse through below for ideas or hop over to our site and choose a stone to put to work!

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