Let’s say that you have a big job interview coming up. We understand that it’s important to look professional when you’re making a first impression—but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your piercings entirely. That’s where piercing retainers come into play. Here at Body Jewelry, we have a wide selection of piercing retainers for body piercings of all shapes and sizes. A piercing retainer is designed to ensure that your piercing stays open without making too much of a statement.

Whether you’re toning down your look for a more conservative family function or your current employer doesn’t allow visible body piercings, piercing retainers can really be a lifesaver. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style anymore! Some piercings can close quickly after you remove the jewelry—and an 8 hour work shift might be long enough to totally ruin your look. Choose the right piercing retainers from our selection, and care for them with these tips.

You should care for your piercing retainers just like you would any other piece of jewelry. Use a diluted saltwater solution to clean the piercing and retainer when you’re wearing it. You should also clean the piercing retainer with warm water and a liquid antibacterial soap periodically and before you insert it.