When it comes to body jewelry and piercings, it is important to choose the right material. Some people can only wear gold jewelry because their body won’t accept any other material. If you are sensitive to metals you should try and considering gold body jewelry. When you get surface piercings or any piercings for that matter there is a possibility of migration and/or rejection if the piercing isn’t cared for properly or if you do not have the right material jewelry in the piercing. When it comes to the body reacting to jewelry you have to keep in mind that the jewelry will react with the acids in your system and if you don’t choose the right material this can cause tarnishing, irritation, and in some cases disintegration of the jewelry.


Choosing high quality body jewelry will help avoid any of these issues you shouldn’t let jewelry issues stop you from being pierced because we have a selection of gold body jewelry for every piercing from belly rings to eyebrow rings. Gold body jewelry should especially be considered when doing a surface piercings as rejection and migration is very high with surface piercings and to avoid the jewelry growing out you should be pierced with solid 14 karat gold body jewelry.