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Unless you’ve been lost in another world, you’ve probably noticed the appearance of adorable cartilage piercings in fashion. The surface area of the cartilage makes it the ideal ground for lots of piercing options. Although cartilage piercings are fairly famous, you have the choice of adopting your own style.

Conch piercings are the cutest piercings that are becoming increasingly popular. Located in the center of the ear, this piercing is named after the conch shell-like shape of this area. The interesting location of the conch piercing gives you the opportunity to adorn it with various jewelry options. However, this freedom can be quite daunting as so many chances can make it confusing for you to select a style that suits you.

We are here to make things easier for you! Have a look at these interesting jewelry ideas for your conch piercing.

Flat Back Studs

Flatback studs make for a great addition to your inner conch or outer conch piercing. While the inner conch is located in the upper part of the conch, the outer conch is located in the lower region of the conch. Both these areas can sport flat back studs since they are small but still dainty.

While you can opt for larger jewelry styles depending on the size of your conch, dainty looks are often the best for this piercing type. While flat back studs with gemstones will make your piercing shine, a single bead stud also offers a classy look.

Large Hoops

Even though a conch piercing stands out on its own, you can make it even bolder by opting for a large hoop that wraps around the rim of your ear. The key to achieving is this stunning look is to choose the right hoop in the right size.

While a captive bead ring (CBR) has a subtle aesthetic with a small bead, a clicker hoop with a diamanté offers extra sparkle and shine. If you want to further amp up your look, you can search for a CBR with a pearl, opal, or gemstone.

Circular or Spiral Barbell

If you’re looking to find something between a full hoop and a stud, a circular barbell offers the ultimate balance! Similar to a hoop, a circular barbell wraps around the rim of the ear without fully connecting. With two beaded ends, you can make this piercing super-fun by opting for pearls and fancy gemstones.

You can also go the extra mile by opting for a spiral barbell. With two beads that don’t connect, it is quite similar to a circular barbell. However, it spirals around the ear for a bold statement.

Shields and Dangles

If your conch piercing is bold, make your jewelry bolder! Opt for a large shield to wrap around the rim of your ear so that your piercing can’t be ignored. However, you do need to make sure that the shield isn’t so big that it tugs at your piercing holes.

You can also opt for stud jewelry that features cute dangles or long charms, given that your conch is big enough to support them.

When opting for larger jewelry piercing, make sure that they complement your cartilage party rather than overwhelm it. If you add too many large cartilage jewelries pierces, you might overdo it.

If you’re looking for a clustered look, it’s best to opt for dainty studs to adorn your conch piercing.

The conch piercing is super-versatile. Where other piercings only support one or two jewelry types, this piercing allows for many styles. Try out one of the above jewelry ideas for your conch piercing to see what suits it best!