When you see someone with a tongue ring it’s not typically an actual ring. The term tongue ring is actually a misnomer. Most tongue rings are essentially straight barbells. So the actual term should be tongue ring barbells. This is the most common type of piercing jewelry for tongue piercings. You will see some rings in conjunction with a mouth piercing, but that is usually a lip ring not a tongue ring. You can purchase actual rings for your tongue, however you risk damaging your teeth if you don’t purchase the right type and size. The more popular option also called a tongue barbell, is perfect for piercings known as venom piercings which are placed more toward the tip of the tongue. A venom piercing is typically circular barbells or captive bead rings.

Choose the Right Piercing Barbells

Since barbells are a popular type of jewelry for the tongue it stands to reason that you want a large selection of jewelry in which to choose. A key element in purchasing this type of jewelry is a comfort. While there are many different types of ring barbells available online, there are a few that are a little more comfortable than others. If you prefer maximum comfort try a titanium tongue piercing bar. Titanium is a great metal for tongue piercings because it is known to be a non-irritant as well as being completely biocompatible. It is nickel free which means that it will not react to your skin or irritate your piercing. This makes titanium a great choice for all types of piercing jewelry, as well.

Purchase Tongue Barbell Jewelry Online

There are many different benefits to purchasing tongue barbell jewelry online. The first being that it is very convenient. Shopping online gives you the ability to shop from anywhere at any time. This means that you can bulk up your tongue piercing collection with great pieces that are simply gorgeous. You will also be able to select from a large inventory of different colors and sizes so you find the perfect tongue piercings. It’s important for you to be able to find the proper size tongue piercing so you can keep from damaging your teeth. You also want to be able to comfortably wear your jewelry. When you shop online at a store that offers a fine selection of piercings and great delivery options you won’t be disappointed.