Industry Highlight : Body Piercer Ana Bella


The piercing industry is full of deserving names for mentions and highlights but today, we wanted to do a very special feature on Ana Bella, the piercer extraordinaire that will be the star of our piercing event this Sunday, January 29th, 2016 at Crack Tattoos in Pompano Beach.


 Join Us South Florida!

If you haven’t already heard, we are having our first piercing event of the year with the celebration of the Grand Opening of Bobby Deerfield’s Crack Tattoo. We love partnering with our local tattooist and piercers here in South Florida to bring you fun piercing events. We’ll be giving away 4 free piercings, tons of deeply discounted body jewelry and filming piercing videos (yes, that’s right – this is where we create some of our live piercing videos that you see on our YouTube channel). We’ll also have piercing specials for you and a buddy and giving away fun raffle prizes all event long. Join us this Sunday, January 29th at Crack Tattoos in Pompano Beach, Florida for fun and chill with like minded people, including piercer Anna Bella and whole BodyJewelry.com team, including yours truly! [/vc_column_text][vc_text_separator title=”#TattooTuesday with Darren Brass of Love Hate Social Club, Miami Beach”][vc_single_image image=”5455″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center” onclick=”custom_link” link=”http://www.lovehatetattoos.com/”][vc_column_text]Ana Bella will be performing all piercings at the event with her professional piercing expertise. Let’s learn a bit more about Ana and her craft, how and why she started piercing and more. You’ll totally get why we chose this beauty to be the piercer for our event; she may be young in her career but her passion and outstanding professionalism, meticulous work and friendly demeanor had us at “hello”. Without further ado, here are a snippet from our Q & A with Ana Bella, resident piercer at Crack Tattoos.

1. What is your name and what is the name of the shop/business you are with?

Ana Bella of CrackTattoos

2. Where is your shop located?

1661 E Sample Rd Pompano Beach FL 33064

3. What is your professional title/role there?

Body Piercer

4. How long have you been doing what your craft?

I haven’t been piercing as long as others but I was addicted after the first piercing and it’s been amazing ever since.

5. What made you get into this? Was this a lifelong dream or something you stumbled into?

I gave myself my first stick-n-poke tattoo in middle school and I’ve always been fascinated with piercings, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine helped me realize that life is too short to not do what you love that I finally took the plunge.


6. Over the years, are there any jobs/projects that you have come to absolutely adore? Such as a type or style that has been your favorite to do on a client?

I absolutely love dermals, I love that they’re so versatile. The possibilities are endless.

7. What about your least favorite? Is there something you have come to dislike? Why?

There really isn’t any piercing that I dislike. Every piercing is somebody’s way of expressing themselves and I respect that 100%


8. What body modifications do you have on yourself, if any?

I have a few unseen piercings and quite a few tattoos.

9. Which one is your favorite and why?

I would have to say my favorite is the orchids I have going up the right side of my body, I got those in memory of my grandmother who was always my biggest supporter.


10. Who is your most outrageous client?

My most outrageous client is definitely Megan. She’s such a fun girl. Always up for trying new things.


11. What advice would you give someone getting their first tattoo or piercing?

Life is short. Don’t be afraid to live a little.
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