Industrialized Woman

One of the hottest piercings right now is the industrial piercing. It has a really tough, sexy look, and is the combination of two piercings. In general, it refers to the upper part of the ear, where two piercings are made in the cartilage, and are then connected by a long, straight barbell. These piercings also run by the alias of “scaffold piercings” or “construction piercings” but at the moment, the current en vogue term is the industrial. It is possible to have more than one set of industrials on a single ear, and when this is done, the proper term of reference is the “ear cage.”

There are so many amazing looks you can play with when you have this piercing. The wide range of body jewelry that has been created for wearing industrials is simply awesome. The classic, standard surgical steel barbell is a look that is highly embraced, but the variations available are endless. If you like sparkle, there are so many different industrials set with jewels, often in creative settings and unique designs. Titanium is a really popular metal for these barbells, and one of its best attributes is that it can be anodized to be colored brilliantly, and being that titanium is also one of the safest, purest metals, what better to fit your industrial with?

Industrial Barbell Close-Up

One of the coolest trends right now are spiral industrials. These designs can range from tight, rotini-like spirals, to looser coiled tendrils, to simple single spirals, and then there are the totally spiraled barbells doubly twisted… get the picture? Lots of options! Either way you wear them, they look great!

If kitschy is your thing, there are also a slew of different industrial barbells set with acrylic balls, in SOOOO many different designs. These are such a fun way to add some zing to your look. Some other ideas for creatively wearing this piercing involve arrows- simple arrows through your ear, arrows through skulls, and arrows through hearts! Industrials are such cool piercings. Anyone can wear them, and they just look amazing! Is it time for a new little something for your cartilage?