Sparkling Playboy Bunny Logo Belly Button Ring- 2 views of the same piece.

In tune with the times, Playboy has managed to reach an entire generation’s love of body piercings, with their line of logo body jewelry. If you love Playboy, these pieces are the perfect way for you to express your love for the bunny. The famous bunny symbol equates with sexiness but not trashiness, a fun spirit, and definitely someone who is up on current style. If you are pierced, the perfect accessory to celebrate Easter would definitely be Playboy bunny logo jewelry, for your belly button, eyebrow, labret, Monroe, or tongue!

If you need a Bunny on your tongue... We've got you covered!

Recently published vintage pics of Hugh Heffner got me thinking, “wow, girls in 1966 did not have piercings that were visible whatsoever.” Piercings may not have been on the trend circuit back then, but they certainly were nothing new. As we know, ear piercing existed as early as 5000 years ago, and a variety of piercings can be traced back thousands of years as well- like navel piercings in Egyptian times, and the ancient Roman’s love of pierced nipples.

Hugh Heffner with the Bunnies- Notice the lack of piercings?


Piercings in Playboy have definitely come a long way. In the early days of Playboy, even ear piercings were considered risque. And tattoos? Forget about it; it was not going to happen. Until it became the norm, as it is today. That’s not to say Playboy has totally abandoned its roots, and only features ladies with no artistic representation such as piercings or tatts, but there is definitely a level of give and take. Today, although some extreme and radical Playboy purists go so far as to claim featuring women in Playboy with piercings is morally wrong, because it displays female mutilation; we could not disagree more. Piercings are in no way dangerous, or signs of mutilation. They are symbols of self-sxpression and beauty. It is extremely wonderful for Playboy to embrace how women choose to express themselves, having been a maverick in the world of publication since its inception. As champions for women’s rights, and women’s empowerment, its only fitting that they display the beauty of women taking control of their images, and showing how sexy, yet classy women with piercings can be.

Jessica Alba showing her pierced belly button on the cover of Playboy

Belly button rings have appeared on the the covers of Playboy for quite some time now. In 2006, Jessica Alba was gorgeously featured in a bikini, showing her sparkling jewel belly button ring. Kim Kardashian also showed off her pretty pierced navel, as she was thoroughly wrapped in pearls and gems.

Kim Kardashian decked out in treasure for Playboy; see her sexy navel ring?

And then there were three. As is Heff’s infamous, lovely three girlfriends: Holly, Kendra, and Bridget. They graced the cover of Playboy together and separately, on various occasions, and were very much current in their displays of body piercings and Holly’s homage to the Mansion: her bunny ears tatt eloquently placed on her lower back.

Bridget's Gorgeous Belly Ring

So, in essence of sexy body piercings, women’s lib, beauty, and self expression, Playboy body jewelry rocks!!!! This Easter, do your piercing right with a sweet little bunny!

Simply Stated: Nothing says "HOT" quite like a Playboy logo in your belly piercing!