What’s Your Piercing IQ?


With so many new piercings, body jewelry, and body modifications popping up, staying on top of all of the new piercing care can be a bit tricky. We’ll explore the new world of piercings to help us get up to date and improve our overall piercing IQ with facts about piercings that you may not know.


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Not all piercings heal at the same rate. It’s a misconception that all piercings take 2-4 weeks for the initial healing period. The fact is the the blood flow to the body part greatly determines that rate of healing. Other considerations such as accessibility for cleaning and fresh air, as well as how frequently it is touched and moved are also a factor for healing.




Not all body jewelry was created equally. When someone refers to being “allergic” to their piercing, what they really mean is that they are allergic to jewelry that they are wearing. It is common for people to have allergies to nickel so sticking with 316L surgical quality steel or gold is your best bet to avoid allergic reactions, such as itching, swelling and scaling.




There are complications. As much as we want to tell you that every piercing turns out to be the next piercing inspo post for us, that is simply not true. About 35% of all piercings experience some type of complication during the healing time, such as infection, delayed healing and rejection. There are measures you can take for the best chance of proper healing, but no, there are no guarantees that you will not be a part of that 35%.




The most popular type of piercing other than the ear lobes for men in the United States is the nipple piercing. Who knew?




The most popular piercing around the globe are the earlobes, one or both. It’s been around since almost the beginning of time….the first ear piercings and jewelry dates back to 2500 BC.




Some piercings look better on certain people over others. Yes, there are facial features that display piercings better for one person than the next person. Finding out what those features are is the key to sporting a flawless piercing. Experimenting with non piercing jewelry can help you determine your best look before committing to the real thing.




There is no room for trial and error when it comes to piercings. There is no “trying” it out then taking out the piercing, No matter how small, you will have some sort of scarring. Certain ethnicities are more prone to keloid scarring and definitely should not try out a piercing without understanding that there will be scarring and even possibly keloid formation. See above in FAQ 6 about experimenting with non piercing jewelry to discover the best placement being for going for the kill.




Choosing the right type of body jewelry can help prolong the life of your piercing. Surface tension, or the amount pressure against the skin from the jewelry, such as on an eyebrow piercing, can mount up to a rejected piercing. Going with the natural curves and tendencies of the body can help prolong the integrity of the piercing. Some body jewelry even come with a soft, flexible material to help facilitate certain curves, such as during pregnancy.


Okay, so maybe you knew some of these FAQs like the back of your hands and some were new. Whatever the case, we want you to stay on top of your piercing health so that you can enjoy the life of the piercing and self expression through it. Check out our online shop for a full spectrum of piercing health care and surgical grade jewelry to keep your piercings happy and healthy.

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