Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is a festival that falls on October 31. The people disguise themselves as monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils and children go from house to house carrying jack-o’-lanterns and ask for treats with the question, “Trick or treat?”. They usually perform a feat such as singing a song to earn their treats.

Halloween costumes play an important part in celebrations where people want to look like real monsters, witches or devils. The inspiration of Hollywood movies is also derived to prepare costumes such as Frankenstein, Heath Ledger’s tormented Joker and John Kramer aka the “Jigsaw Killer”.

Halloween costumes with body jewelry do not provide justice to the ensemble. Body jewelry is used to adorn the body in form of piercing such as tongue, eyebrow, and naval and includes plugs and anchors to fine pieces of necklaces, rings of surgical grade or stainless steel. Adorning the body with belly chains, bracelets, tongue rings, ear cuffs and nose studs to accessorize an impressionable Halloween outfit is great way to celebrate Halloween.

It is not advisable to go for body piercing on the Halloween day as it takes day to heal it and then use ring or stud to complete it. Body piercing involves puncturing your skin with a surgical tool. The pierced area usually remains sore and red on the first day. It is desirable to keep it clean and germ free.

Halloweeen Body Jewelry

Body jewelry comes in various sizes, shapes and types. They are silver plated, gold plated, leather, sterling silver, acrylic, feather, and gold electroplated. You may find no dearth in piercing jewelry designs such as doughnut shape, heart shape, dragon, horse shoe ring, double closure ring, piercing cuff. Try at home to prepare you own body jewelry using beads, sea shells, wood pieces. You can make bangles, ear studs, necklaces, bracelets and toe rings. Among different types of body piercings such as ear, naval, eyebrow, rook piercing is a popular form.

Rook piercings are a type of ear piercing located in the highest fold of ear. Rook rings and rook bars are used to adorn this area. Rook body jewelry includes ball closure rings, smooth rings and barbells. Starting at $ 1 to $ 300 depending upon the material from which it is being made, they are easily available. Beautiful gemstones and craftmenship makes them a sought-after accessory. Complete with body jewelry they complete the Halloween avatar. Another type of body jewelry is dermal anchors for implant is also very popular.

Halloween which includes visiting haunted places, playing pranks, telling scary stories and watching horror movies is celebrated with complete fervor with disguises. Disguises are lifetime experimental creations of one’s imagination, inclination and association with tradition. People keep lifetime memories saved in their albums. They share them with their friends over years with stories of family, friends and strangers attached to them. It is a miss if the people keep it simple. A long-lasting memory for one person and those associated with him/her and a great inspiration for one who is learning and still in infancy, Halloweens are beautiful.