Nose rings ,Nose Hoop

We started like any DIY piercing would start: realizing that piercing needles are cheap. So I bought two, one for my nose and one for my belly button, thinking that nose was an 18g and belly was a 16g. Wrong, but I didn’t know that at the time, so I spent some time googling various questions I had. Then I had to change the gauge of one of the needles (the 16g to a 12g), but I guess I wasn’t specific, since I got two 12 gauge needles. Upon seeing them, I did not have the normal reaction of “well this isn’t right, better sed it back” instead I thought “whatever, it’ll probably just heal down to the gauge size I put in it.” So on the day of the piercing, we sterilized everything, and I went to get inebriated (enter your favorite non-blood-thinning, pain dulling drug/drink here). When I came back, I stood very still, not noticing how close the needle was until I looked down and saw my boyfriend about to jam the needle into my nose, so I closed my eyes. I might have felt pain as it was going in, I don’t really remember, but I do remember my bf saying, “It’s over,” and telling me to go look at the needle that was still in my nose. When I refused, he put a 16 gauge barbell in my nose, which was a compromise, since he wanted to put in some gold captive enclosures that were supposed to be 18 gauge but looked more like 12 or 14 gauge. We lost balls from various piercings on my body before we secured the barbell, but we did it. Now i have what looks like a slit when the piercing is clean (it’s only 2 days old, but at least it’s healed enough to stop bleeding), which I hope to either heal it down to an 18g or buy tongue rings to fit in the hole, depending on whether it heals to the 16g or continues to look like there is room in the hole for a bigger gauge. All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience, but I suggest to do it smart and sterilize everything.


Story By Patricia M . From North Babylon, NY