Are you going for a body piercing? This blog post is for you!

In this blog post, we have shared how should you choose the right type of body piercing for you.

Here are a few things that you must consider before you choose the type of your body piercing.

#1 Can you have piercings at work?

Is your profession such that piercing on your face may look awkward? For example, if you are a lawyer or a chartered accountant, your clients may not accept your modified look. Right?

But don’t worry. You still have options to pierce. In situations where your modified look may not be accepted, you can choose belly piercing or nipple piercing.

#2 Do you need to hide your piercing?

Are you studying in a school and can’t show off your piercing publicly? Or maybe your granny doesn’t like piercings. Whichever the case, you can go ahead with belly piercings. Whatever your situation is, there is always an option for you for body piercings.

#3 Are you involved in sports activities?

If you are involved in some sports activities, you may need to take some precautions. For example, if you are a sportsperson, a nipple piercing may not be suitable for you. In this case, you can go for ear piercing or naval piercing. Ask a professional piercer before you decide about your body jewelry.

#4 Do you wear glasses?

If you wear glasses all the time, an eyebrow piercing may not be good for you. The reason being is that when you have a piercing on your eyebrow, the glasses can rub against the piercing and cause it to become irritated. Also, if the piercing becomes infected, it can be difficult to clean around the glasses.

#5 How’s the climate where you live?

Choosing the right body piercing type may also depend on the climate where you live. If you live in an area with a lot of humidity, for example, you may want to avoid piercings that are prone to infection, such as cartilage piercings. On the other hand, if you live in a very dry climate, you may want to consider getting a piercing that will help keep your skin moisturized, such as a lip piercing.

#6 Do you complain of sinus problems?

If you have any symptoms, it may affect the choice of your body piercing. For example, if you have an allergy to metal, you may want to choose a piercing made of a different material. Or, if you have a skin condition, you may need to take extra care of your piercing to prevent infection. Talk to your piercer about any concerns you have before getting a piercing.

Another example. If you regularly complain about sinus problems, you should avoid body piercings in the area around your sinuses. This includes piercings in your nose, forehead, and cheeks. These types of piercings can irritate your sinuses and make your symptoms worse.