Your piercing will look as good as your piercer’s skills are. Piercings are a tricky form of body modification that requires a lot of skill, expertise, and experience. Finding a skilled piercing specialist isn’t just a good idea for the appearance of your piercing, but is also vital for its health.

An inexperienced piercer cannot only infect your piercing with bacteria, but it can also cause permanent damage to your tissue, leaving behind prominent scars that often require surgery. Also, even though some piercings are more painful, a skilled piercing specialist can help minimize the pain.

So, now that you’re aware of how important it is to find the right piercing specialist, we have put together some tips to help you pick the ideal one for your next piercing!

Ask Around

Since piercings are so common, the chances are that at least one of your friends or family members will have a go-to piercer. Not only piercings but in any business, referrals or word-of-mouth is the ideal way to come across a good business. This doesn’t mean that you should rely completely on someone else’s opinion. You should conduct your own due diligence to ensure that this particular piercing specialist is the perfect choice for you.

Look for Reviews on Social Media

When it comes to looking for something, social media is truly a lifesaver! You can search for the name of any piercing business to find the reviews and experiences of other people. While not all social media reviews are true, there’s no denying that they give you an idea about the legitimacy of a certain piercing business.

Check Out the Piercing Studio

If you have come across a piercing specialist that you think may be a good fit for you, proceed to set up an appointment for a tour of their piercing studio. A piercing is a hole in your body that can be prone to various infections if it isn’t taken care of. This is why a good piercing studio will have a professional environment along with a sterile and uncluttered setting.

You need to ensure that the professional you’re planning to go to have the correct tools that are sterilized and individually packaged. Moreover, your piercer should also put on a new pair of gloves when proceeding to do your piercing. If any of these things are missing, you may want to reconsider getting your piercing from this particular piercing specialist.

Talk to the Piercer

Deciding to get a piercing is not a small decision and most piercers understand that. This is why most of them have an open policy that allows you to communicate with them and ask any questions to your satisfaction. So, if you do have doubts about a piercing specialist that you’ve chosen, you should try striking up a conversation and ask him a few questions about his experience in the field.

Explore Multiple Piercers

As a piercing beginner, it can be quite difficult to see the warning signs when researching piercing specialists. Since this is such a crucial decision for you, don’t be scared to reach out and research multiple piercers. Once you start gaining more understanding about the piercing world, you will be able to make better and well-informed decisions when it comes to choosing a piercing specialist for yourself.

While it may be quite difficult to always find the right piercing specialist, following the above tips can increase the probability of you coming across a great piercer!