Piercings can be a great way to change your look and express yourself. Piercings allow a person to add a whole new dimension to their appearance and boosts confidence. But the only problem is that your parents may not approve. While this seems difficult, it is in fact, quite the opposite. Here are a few tips to convince your parents to let you have piercings.

Be a Good Student

Every parent wants their kid to do well at school. Getting good grades could be one way to go about convincing your parents to let you get piercings. Piercings take a lot of responsibility, effort, and time to heal, just like your grades take time, effort, and responsibility to maintain. So, by getting good grades, you will demonstrate to your parents that you are mature and responsible enough to take care of your piercings too. Start helping out around the house too by cleaning, doing your own chores, etc., to show that you can handle getting pierced.

Offer to Pay

When you offer to pay for your own piercing, you show that you are responsible and ready to get your first piercing. It also shows that you really want to get it. Whether you offer to pay using the money from your part-time job or your allowance, parents can typically be more lenient if they know that they won’t be financially responsible for it.

Ask Kindly

Don’t go about demanding that you want to get pierced. Be polite and bring up the matter during a pleasant dinner conversation. Simply ask your parents what you want and gently explain to them why it is so important to you.

Tell Them About Safety

You need to explain to them that getting a piercing is completely safe as long as you go to an experienced, licensed specialist. You can show them some of the testimonials or reviews on their website or social media pages to make your parents feel more comfortable.

Let Them Know It Is Not Permanent

Piercing holes can close with time when you don’t put any piece of jewelry into them. Maybe your parents are concerned because they think it will be permanent. Point out to them that piercings are not permanent, and you can choose to let the holes close on their own whenever you want.

Be Willing to Wait

If your parents still say no or ask you to wait until you’re older, do not argue or disagree with them. You can wait a couple of weeks or months to ask them again. This way, they will get enough time to think about their decision and perhaps change their minds.


If you are a minor, you will need your parents’ permission to get piercings, and convincing them can be a significant challenge. But by doing some research and showing that you are a mature, responsible person, you can convince them in no time!