The idea of having a new piercing can be fascinating. Before you decide which piercing you should get, you should determine which one is perfect for you. It would be best to keep in mind your needs and signature style to see which piercing would match your personality and comfort. Some piercings can be very painful than the rest; hence, you should decide based on your pain tolerance.

How to Choose a Piercing for Yourself

Here is a list of factors that determine how to choose a piercing for yourself.

1.      Physical Appearance

Your physical appearance plays an essential role in determining where you should get your next piercing. Some people are born with moles and birthmarks; hence, a piercing can add to or take away their beauty depending on their features.

For example, if you have a prominent mole on your left nostril, you should avoid getting your right nostril pierced. Similarly, if you have a sharp jawline, you should refrain from getting a chin piercing as it may draw more focus to your jawline. However, if you have any imperfection on your face that you wish to change, you can get a piercing on it to shift the focus. For example, if you suffered an injury during childhood on one of your eyebrows, you can cover it up with an eyebrow piercing.

2.      Fake Piercings

If you are confused about where you should get your new facial piercing, you should consider a fake piercing for a few days. It comes in the form of a sticker that you can paste as a piercing to check if it blends in with your facial features or not.

You can ask your friends and family members or someone you trust for an honest opinion. If you don’t like your fake piercing, you may not like it as an actual piercing either. You still have an option to try fake piercing on other parts of your face for testing purposes. If it looks good on you, you should consider it as your new piercing.

3.      Comfort

Most ear piercings can cause pain and discomfort while sleeping. It may get pressed against your pillow or get stuck into your blanket, leading to excessive bleeding and skin tears. Before getting an ear piercing such as helix piercing, tragus piercing, or conch piercing, you need to ensure different ways to stay comfortable with it.

It may require you to go out of your way to arrange different pillow covers or change your blanket. Also, the stud, barbell, or hoop on your ear piercing can turn very hot while blow-drying hair, leading to skin burns or inflammation. To avoid such situations, you need to confirm if you can manage your new piercing comfortably or not.

Piercing may seem like something very non-serious, but it can permanently puncture your skin. Before trying out something very bold, you should double-check your priorities and the risks that you may encounter in the future. Once you are ready to get your new piercing, consider it a good sign to get your perfect piercing.