Nose piercing is very attractive and emphasizes the face of person because the nose is the face’s most prominent feature that sets the character of the whole face.

The original piercing can be done with either a stud or a ring. Its recommend that a piercing with a ring be done in the place for a stud, just in case you want to change to a stud at a later date. Make sure that you use anti-allergic jewelry. It should have any adverse affects on the body, so the only metals you should use are Niobium, Titanium, Platinum, or Palladium. Avoid wearing silver in the nose during healing, because it oxidizes inside the wound, and can cause allergic reactions, lumps, and can leave a permanent black mark on your nose.

Nose Piercings
Nose piercing is very attractive and emphasizes the face of person

Once the piercing is healed you can change the jewelry as easily as changing an earring. After the area is fully healed you can wear anything you desire. Earlier few people used to get their nose pierced using the Ear Piercing Gun. This is a very harmful practice both for the doer and the person. The Gun was designed to be sterile because of the no touch principle, no skin came in contact with the gun and therefore it was safe to be used repeatedly, because it is made of plastic it can’t be Autoclaved, and is therefore unsterile if the gun comes in contact with the inside of the nose. Potentially fatal micro-organisms will transmit amongst the customers. The nose is quite thick cartilage, and in some instances the ear piercing gun fails to pierce the nose on the first attempt also and at same time generate a lot of pain.

Even provided that you have the piercing done properly with a needle, have proper jewelry and look after it properly. The nose is cartilage and it doesn’t heal in the same way as flesh. The most common problem is small lumps which form around the piercing, these are called granulomas. Apply hot compresses to the wound once or twice a day. Put a clean paper towel under hot tap water. Leave on till the heat dissipates, do this twice a day. If that doesn’t work the best course of action is to remove the jewelry for a short period of time to allow the wound to heal. When the lump goes down the jewelry may be reinserted, however, if the lump start to come back it’s best to leave it heal and have it re-pierced at a later date.

The piercing usually takes approximately 8-10 weeks to heal; you must follow hygienic cleaning of nose and areas around. Lavender oil is highly recommended as a nose piercing care. Nose piercing cares for your beauty as you treat it.