Getting a piercing generally comes with a moderate to significant bout of pain or discomfort. Then there’s the fact that every piercing has a designated healing timeframe, and sometimes if you do decide to get more than one piercing the numbers could add up. With this in mind, the next question is how many piercings can I receive at one go for the process to be first of all tolerable, and most importantly, safe. The answers to both these questions will depend on a number of factors namely;

  • Your pain threshold

Different people react to pain differently, while stepping on a Lego brick marks the end of the world for some, for others (like the joker) it’s not so much of a big deal. In the same manner, people react to the pain that comes with getting a piercing done differently. So the question of how much pain you can bear at once from piercings really comes down to how much pain YOU can take.

Are you the sensitive type, if so then keeping the number of piercings done at an instance down would be the ideal path to tow. If you’re of the tougher category, then a few-to-many piercing wouldn’t lose you much sleep at night. Generally speaking though, most body piercers recommend keeping the tally at less than four, not just because of pain but more so for two other reasons we’ll consider shortly

  • Healing time

As we’ve already reiterated piercings come with healing times and when you get piercings in or around the same area, these numbers can stack up. That’s to say that, if you get one piercing on your tongue and another on your lips, then no worries – these piercings are somewhat far off and will heal independently. If on the other hand, you get multiple ear cartilage piercings then the sheer number of piercings at that single point can significantly raise the healing time. Summarily put, if healing time is an essential factor for you, you’ll want to get a single piercing or multiple piercings that are spaced far from each other.

  • Aftercare

Like a surgical incision, piercings need to be tended after to promote proper and prompt healing. The process of taking care of piercings is what’s referred to as aftercare, and this process can vary across the board depending on the kind of piercing. When you get multiple piercings you’re invariably signing up for a higher aftercare workload – the higher the number of piercings, the more the needed aftercare.

For some people, this increased workload is not too much of a hassle, but then again its all down to personality. If you’re the kind that deals with responsibilities responsibly then taking care of a few more piercings shouldn’t be too much work.

For people that fall into the other side of the divide, then lesser piercing numbers could mean more, as one piercing that’s properly cared for is way better than numerous others with poor aftercare.