The Classic Captive Bead Ball Ring; Shiny and Perfect



A classic staple in body jewelry are the always appropriate, always lovely, and always fun captive bead rings. Flying under a few different aliases, there is no mistaking them. Anyone who has ever worn body jewelry has probably worn them, in some way or another. A possibility for wearing in almost any piercing, they are sized within a very large range to be worn all over the body.

One reason captive bead ball rings are so popular is that they provide a very secure fit into most body piercings. As other types of body jewelry can sometimes slip out, come loose, or somehow find a way out of a piercing, captive bead rings literally hold your piercing captive. The ball holds the ring in place, with only the aid of the metal’s spring pressure. The beads are often indented, or set with slightly depressed markings for the ring to fit right into it. Quite frequently holes are drilled into the balls for a very easy fit on the ring. ┬áIt makes for an incredibly snug fit, and are very well loved for this sense of security. For smaller rings, they are easily opened with the hands, but for larger and heavier gauges, they are more easily opened using ring opening pliers.

Black Titanium Captive Bead RIng

Many people love these rings on their piercings because they provide comfort and less maintenance in piercings that are still in their healing process. The roundness of the ring, paired with the smooth, round bead allow for the ring to have fluid movements. Being closed, these rings have very little chance of snagging, which other types of body jewelry unfortunately are known for, in certain places. Furniture, hair, and clothing are the most common culprits of snagging, and are nearly 100% impossible to avoid on a daily basis, and can be most upsetting and annoying to a new piercing.

Captive bead ball rings come in a plethora of styles, colors, and designs. If you’re looking for something different, or something classic, something bold, or something muted- it can be found. Beads can be made of nearly any material- glass, steel, acrylic, ceramic, and jeweled. 14K gold captive bead rings are the best you can get, and will be sure to provide a comfortable fit, and are the least likely to cause a skin reaction. Titanium body jewelry is not only lightweight, ultra-safe, and extremely strong, it also uniquely beautiful. On its own, it shines like the sun, and it can also be anodized. This chemical process enables it to be colored, and allows a world of options in design. Rainbows, solid tones, onyx-black, and iridescent looks make for dazzling displays in your body jewelry.

Captive Bead Ring In an Eyebrow Piercing