So, you’ve gotten that industrial piercing of your dreams; you’ve gone through several rounds of aftercare, and now finally healing is complete. What next? Yay, its piercing time!

Industrial piercings are good for one thing, above everything else – the collection of fitting body jewelry piercing styles available for all your fashion pleasures (and fantasies) is practically limitless. From captive bead rings to labrets, to industrial barbells, to straight barbells and even curved barbells, there’s enough piercing glam to go around the fashion park.

In this article, we highlight our favorite industrial piercing jewelry, so it’s easy for you to decide on what body jewelry to use for your industrial piercing when the time is right.

From the top

  • Industrial Barbells

An industrial barbell is the preferred jewelry option for industrial piercings if your goal is to keep it fresh, simple and ‘traditional.’ Traditional because this is the Defacto or in simpler terms, standard body jewelry option for industrial piercings. But don’t let that tag of being ‘standard’ sway you away easily – when it comes to the looks department there’s nothing traditional about an industrial barbell. Complete with eye-catching accessories, an industrial barbell can be the perfect style complement for even the highest-flying fashionista.




  • Straight Barbells

After captive rings, straight barbells lay the claim of being the most popular body jewelry piece in the world of piercings and body artistry. And rightly so. Like industrial barbells they look incredibly simple and yet wholesomely sophisticated, making them the perfect fit for anyone who wants something ‘that works.’


  • Labrets

Labrets, as is easy to imply from the name (lip –labrum –labret), are typically worn on the lips. However, in the context of being multipurpose piercing jewelry pieces they make an excellent fit with industrial piercings. You just need to know how to wear them. Labrets for industrial piercings can be worn either singly – as a single labret in only one of the industrial piercing apertures, or as a double salvo – two labrets, one for each industrial piercing aperture. Regardless of which style configuration you choose the golden rule for keeping it fabulous is – keep it simple. Limit your choices to the more subtle labret studs. Avoid anything too over the top, and you should be fine, literally.

  • Captive Bead Rings

By now you’re probably asking yourself – so what jewelry style option should I opt for if I’m planning on going all out, you know when I need to showcase all the edginess  without any restraint. Well, we’ve got you covered, say hello to captive bead rings.

Captive bead rings worn in the same manner as you would wear labrets are just what you need to make some noise with your industrial piercings. They’re glamorous and laced full of all the personality (depending on how accessorized you get them) you need to send a strong fashion message. Trust us when we say it’s a message virtually everyone itches to hear.

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