If you have piercings or plan to get piercings you know that there is a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. Unfortunately for your initial piercing, it’s usually plain jewelry but once your piercing heals the selection is almost endless. In all reality the days of piercing with just surgical steel are over. A lot of people have metal allergies and can’t always be pierced with surgical steel. Some are then usually pierced with solid titanium. If you are someone that wants to stay away from metals all together there is an option for you in your hunt for body jewelry. Consider being pierced with Bioplast also known as Bioflex. Bioplast jewelry has several great benefits here are some of the benefits of bioplast body jewelry.


1) It’s an implant grade material and is completely autoclavable.


2) More flexible than surgical steel and titanium, allowing for more range of motion, less of a risk of tearing or ripping the new piercing. The material in bioplast jewelry allows for it to be more flexible and move with the body for a more comfortable wear.


3) No chance of rejection- One major issue with body jewelry and fresh piercings is the rejection of the jewelry. Many people have metal allergies and don’t even know it. When they are pierced with something that doesn’t agree with their body the piercing may get infected, migrate and never heal properly. Bioplast jewelry avoids these issues and also reduces swelling after the piercing.


Piercing suggestions for bioplast jewelry:

1) Belly Button Piercing- Bioplast jewelry is highly recommended for this piercing. Using the bioplast as the initial piercing ring can help significantly during the healing process. Belly button rings tend to take a while to heal and using bioplast can help reduce swelling, less risk of infection, and expedite the healing process.

2) Nipple Piercings-A new set of  nipple rings tend to be a very sensitive piercing that can take a while to heal. Using bioplast jewelry will help reduce swelling and irritation that occurs after a piercing. Bioplast is a wiser choice when you are shopping for piercing jewelry.

Before you get any piercing make sure you do your research, if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask the piercer before you decide to get pierced. Make sure you research body jewelry materials shapes and sizes that are recommended for your piercing.