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Glass Body Jewelry

Glass body jewelry is very unique and two pieces don’t always look the same. With glass body jewelry you have the option of multiple colors and cool designs. Glass body jewelry is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. We have a wide assortment of glass body jewelry including: Glass Plugs, Glass Rivers, Glass Teardrops, Glass Spirals, Glass Eyelets, Glass Weights and more. Check out our website www.bodyjewelry.comĀ 



Glass jewelry is available under popular trademarks such as Pyrex and Kimax or can also be referred to as borosilicate glass. There are many other types of glass, but these are the only types suitable for body jewelry. They are tempered, medical-grade, non-porous and lead-free. Some suppliers also make jewelry under the names of MillicaneĀ or Dichroic glass. These terms refer to the colors inside the glass. These colors are created sometimes with metal alloys and other non-safe materials, so body jewelry made with these materials should be encased in a layer of Pyrex or Kimax glass to prevent exposure to unsafe elements.

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