Now wouldn’t you just love to wear a fancy piece of jewelry after getting your piercing done, instead of the regular old standard jewelry? That is why you should consider getting pierced with pure 14 karat gold. The gold body jewelry is safer to pierce with than all other metals. Though the gold jewelry cost a lot more than the stainless steel jewelry, acrylic, plastic, and titanium jewelry it is definitely worth the investment. You can choose yellow or white gold so that it can go with your everyday jewelry choice as well.

Reasons why gold body jewelry is a better choice:

Safety– Even though most shops pierce with high quality jewelry, if you are someone that is prone to infection, to avoid any complications you can opt out for a pure gold piece of jewelry that is completely nickel free and toxin free. It is important to be pierced with nickel free jewelry as it is a toxin that can cause an allergic reaction or even cause the body to reject the jewelry. Please keep in mind when purchasing your gold body jewelry that it is pure 14 karat gold not gold plated.

Choices– With gold you have the luxury of choosing either yellow or white gold to wear. This option is great because you can coordinate with the jewelry that you already wear. When wearing a piece of gold body jewelry it helps for the piercing to stand out.


As summer approaches bikini season is almost here the more heat the more skin to show. Make sure your body piercings make a statement this summer don’t just wear bland pieces spice it up a bit.