Since we are covering nose piercings this week there are a few other types of piercings that are associated with the nose other than the nostril we have them listed here with some information on them just in case you wanted to do something different when getting your nose pierced.

The Septum – Is when the tissue under the cartilage or even through the cartilage itself is pierced.  The septum piercings are less common than nostril piercings. The septum can also be stretched to accommodate larger pieces of jewelry. Centuries ago the piercing of the septum was common amongst warrior cultures; they used the piercing to give off a more vicious appearance to their enemies.  Many of these cultures used fragments of bone, feathers, or any other material that would suit the septum. The septum is usually pierced with a captive bead ring or horse shoe ring.

A bridge piercing/vertical bridge also known as the Earl piercing is placed horizontally on the bridge of the nose where the jewelry goes through the soft tissue on the bridge of your nose.

The Nasallang piercing can be one of the most difficult nose piercings there are. The piercing is done by puncturing the nasal’s septa and the nostrils as well.

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