Are you looking for a way to change up your look? Are you considering a tongue piercing? If not you should, tongue piercings are a fun and sexy way to spice up your everyday look and appearance. Don’t think of a tongue piercing as following a trend, the practice of tongue piercings have been around for centuries. As a matter of fact the piercing isn’t gender specific either both men and women pierce their tongues. Many centuries ago the Aztec and Mayan priests would pierce their tongues and pass a rough cord through the piercing as this practice would honor their gods. The piercing back then wasn’t long term; it was briefly done for religious services and purposes.


Now the tongue piercing is a permanent or long term piercing that is typically done with a straight barbell. Tongue rings are typically done with a 14 gauge barbell that is a bit longer than usual to accommodate for the swelling during the healing process. The standard tongue piercing is done directly in the middle of the tongue. There are many variations of the tongue piercing you can have several piercings on your tongue. Some people even get a horizontal tongue piercing. The piercing is strategically placed so that it does not interfere with the teeth as much.


There are a few risks that come with having a tongue piercings. The jewelry that is used is a metal, being that the piercing is an oral piercing it can rub against your teeth and some may experience chipped teeth and gum recession due to the placement of the jewelry. Bio-plast or acrylic jewelry helps reduce the risk of oral problems associated with tongue rings. Caring for your tongue piercing doesn’t stop after the first few weeks. You should always clean your piercing after each meal to ensure your piercing is clean and not harboring and germs.

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