Every century is defined with the habits or something that rules that era. For 21st century, it had been predicted way-back that the world would follow fashion & fashion would define this era. When we glance over today’s generation, no matter young tots, teenagers, or adults, one can clearly notice the overruling fashion trends. You are also from this era and no doubt you would be supporting fashion too, obviously otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog having such heading about jewelry.


If you are also crazy about jewelry and feel tempted to know, what all jewelry trends are ruling the present fashion world, then here is a complete coverage for you. It is not a neck piece, a finger ring or anything else but the body jewelry that has made the people crazy. And yes it is mentioned about people not just the girls, which simply states that both men & women. Seriously, that day is not far away when designers would be launching everything for unisex, as now be it a girl or boy, they believe in carrying same fashion trends.


Let’s have a look at the jewelry that is now categorized as unisex and adorn by both the sexes. And yes, on reading the names, do not get surprised as you might get across some bizarre things.


  • Eyebrow rings or studs: The trendy funky rings that are adorned on eyebrows are much styled by both boys & girls. The youngsters in fact believe that this adds to their style statement.
  • Labrets: The chin just below the lips is highlighted by the labrets, Young ones say that wearing this make them look cool.
  • Nose rings: Girls wearing nose rings is popular since ages, but do not get surprised to see a man styling it on his face. It is actually in trend these days.
  • Tongue rings: About tongue rings, it is said that it adds to the sex appeal. Many believe that tongue rings make kissing experience much sexier.
  • Nipple rings/shields: Now nipple rings is what adorned by bold ones. Bold boys as well as girls are experimenting with nipple rings as well for special occasions.
  • Ear gauges: The trendy style of gauges, that are adorn on ears. This gives a funky personality.
  • Belly rings: The navel is decorated by a beautiful ring, chain, or stud. Mostly girls carry it but few men are also in their support.
  • Toe rings: The feet of both men & women are styled with toe rings. These are adorned with flip flops as they grace the look of the feet.


So, these are some of the body jewelries, which have over ruled the fashion-conscious world.