There are a lot of questions that most people have either before or after they get a nose piercing completed. Doing a bit of research in advance is important since there are many people doing nose piercing that are not professionally trained to complete the procedure. If you talk to anyone that says they pierce using a gun rather than a piercing needle do not use that service as you are more at risk for complications. You should also watch what type of nose rings they recommend, straight studs are usually the most likely to cause problems while a ring or barbell is much less problematic.


What Are The Best Types of Nose Rings?


When it comes to nose rings there is no one best type for all people. However, if you have never had a piercing before it is best to use surgical steel until your piercing heals and you are ready to try other metals. Many people have reactions to gold, because it is not pure gold, so be careful and buy only 18K or above if at all possible.


Silver, as a metal, is highly reactive to oxidizing agents in the air and in the products that you may use on your face. This can lead to that tarnish, the black film, coming off around your piercing. Not only is this unsightly but it can become embedded in the tissue as it heals and turn it a permanent dark to black color. Most people wear silver nose rings only after their piercing is completely and fully healed.


Many people prefer captive bead nose rings during the healing process. They look nice, you can change out the beads to add different colors and styles, and you can easily clean the nose rings without having to remove the jewelry.


How Long Will I Wear The Piercing Jewelry?


The nose rings that the professional uses to pierce the nostril should generally be left in until the area is completely healed. This will vary from person to person but it is typically about 6 to 7 weeks. However, if you have an infection or if you take out and replace nose rings during this period it may take longer.


Always carefully monitor your piercing and ask about the style of nose rings that the professional doing your piercing recommends. By following his or her instructions and using good hygiene you will have few complications if any.