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After a long cold winter, we can all appreciate the flowers blooming, green leaves budding and the forces of nature in due course. This is a beautiful time to introduce natural elements such as wood, animals, and cultural symbols into your style statement. When it comes to sprucing up your body jewelry options with natural elements, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the nature inspired body jewelry trends composed of wood, shaped by animals (both land and sea), mystical cultural symbols and more. Whether you are a piercing newbie or an aficionado, body jewelry inspired by nature is a sure fire way adding interesting textures, shape, style to your body jewelry collection.

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Wood jewelry has been used for centuries in many cultures, well before the availability of commercial jewelry. Different types of wood can have varying colors, textures and weight but they all have an organic, natural look that can add an instant touch of natural element to your body jewelry collection.

Some common wood varieties used for body jewelry in Tamarind, Arang, Bayang and Sono. These and other wood used to make body jewelry can also be offered in organically grown, sustainable sources. (Talk about loving nature!)

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Whether you are a pet lover, animal activist, or have a strong connection to your spirit animal, having an animal that you resonate with is quite normal. Many of us drawn to horses, dolphins, owls and other animals. Adding your favorite animal to your body jewelry collection is as simple as choosing the animal that you like.


Many body jewelry pieces have options in shape and/or print to display the creature that you wish to display. Some of the most stunning pieces that we’ve seen are elaborate octopus, gazing owls and elephants…all magnificent creatures worthy of celebration.

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Feathers & Flowers

Native American and South Americans used elements of nature to create headpieces, jewelry and ceremonial instruments. Some of these elements include feathers and flowers. Feathers were worn by Native American chiefs as a symbol of their direct communication with Source or the Spirit world. In other cultures they are revered as symbols of the Gods themselves. In our times, whether for spiritual symbolism or sheerly because of their beauty, feathers have made their way to just about every type of clothing and accessory out there.
Flowers have always been a symbol of beauty- just notice what you think when you think of a perfect red rose. Flowers have had a big impact on fashion for almost as long as clothing and accessories of have existed. Incorporating body jewelry with flowers or floral patterns is soft, feminine way to bring the natural elements into your body jewelry collection.

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Cultural Symbols

Many cultural symbols such as the infinity loop, hamsas, and tribal patterns have made their way into fashion accessories and they are here to stay. Adding cultural flare to your body jewelry collection can create an additional layer of depth to your style by combining aesthetic upgrades and symbolic significance. Wearing what you believe in or what stands a symbol of your spiritual nature add your personality to your style.

Some very easy pieces to try to out if you aren’t sure what your spirit style include intricate tribal pattern jewelry, the tree of life design, sun signs, astrological signs and moon signs.

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Expressing yourself with nature inspired body jewelry adds a wonderful, warm weather flair. Organic wood in deep tones and earthy textures is an organic way to show your love and appreciation for nature while simultaneously adding a natural element to your usual style.  Create your own unique body jewelry style with natural jewelry with rich influences from mother nature. Here’s a few of our favorites to help generate ideas for your summer chic. All of these nature inspired body jewelry pieces are available at for risk free experimenting, with free shipping on orders of $19.99 or more, worldwide. So go ahead and get inspired!