One of the most popular piercings is the nostril piercing. Today we will be reviewing the nose piercing, how it’s done, after care and the types of jewelry that can be worn in a nose piercing. Before we get started here is some history of the nose piercing. The nose piercing dates back many centuries, the nose ring was even mentioned in the bible in the book of Genesis. Nostril piercings are practiced in many areas, but has a very heavy influence on India, and all throughout South Asia. Now the nostril piercing has become popular around the world, and it is not used for religious of traditional purposes but more as a personal preference or a statement piece.

How the piercing is done: Long long ago when body piercing became popular in the United States, piercers were practicing with piercing guns and many of noses were pierced with piercing guns. Piercing guns are not outlawed yet, but they should be. You should NOT EVER get anything pierced with a piercing gun. When you go to get a nose piercing today and a reputable piercing studio the piercer will use a sterilized needle to perform the piercing. The piercing is usually performed with a 18 gauge or 20 gauge needle. The piercing is usually done with the customer is sitting up ring, the nose is strategically marked for placement. The clamps are then placed on the nose to help guide the needle through. The jewelry is then placed right after the needle is removed.

Aftercare for the nostril piercing: The aftercare for a nose piercing is no different than any other piercing. You must always keep your hands clean when touching your piercing. Wash your piercing at least twice a day and use a saline solution or salt water solution on it as well. It will take about 6 months for the nose piercing to heal you do not want to change the jewelry to early as this can be harmful to the new piercing.


Nose ring Jewelry: Once your piercing has completely healed there are many cool options for you to place in your new piercing. You can go with the traditional hoop, nose stud, nose screw, or even a nose chain. Whichever you choose be sure that you purchase the proper size based on the gauge size that you were pierced with initially. The best way to know that you are purchasing the proper jewelry is to have your piercing write down the gauge size after the piercing.