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Steph Simpson

Body piercings are most certainly not a new thing as they’ve been popular in many cultures for centuries upon centuries. Some were for fashion, whilst others were for honor and tradition. Nowadays in today’s modern society, it has to be said that they are mainly designed to act as a fashion accessory and/or statement, but even so, that doesn’t make them any less desirable. Body piercings are incredibly common these days, not just in women, but with men as well. What’s more is the fact that it isn’t simply everyday individuals that choose to have piercings, as there are currently a huge majority of famous Hollywood celebrities that have also had various parts of their bodies pierced, with some pretty amazing results it has to be said. Here we’ll take a look at a few of the more famous and popular celebrity piercings to help you get a better understanding of who has what pierced, and whether you may like to emulate these icons and get a similar piercing of your own.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson, sometimes referred to as “ScarJo” was recently photographed with a right through her septum in the center of her nose. When asked about the piercing, she replied that it was designed to help her show off her “creative side”. Septum piercings when done correctly, well looked after, and done with the correct sized piece of jewelry can look fantastic and are certainly ideal for making a bold yet refined statement. Various gossip magazines and daytime talk shows were quick to bash her for this particular piercing, claiming it made her look like a bull or a farmer’s animal, but many of her loyal fans, and individuals who took an unbiased standpoint all pointed out that it really suited her and made a refreshing change from more refined and conventional piercings such as the earlobes you see on people every day.


Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is cool, there’s no getting around that, he’s Indiana Jones and Han freakin’ Solo for crying out loud. He is also however, getting a little “long in the tooth” and is far from the spring chicken he was when they made Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977. However, age is but a number and that doesn’t stop Harrison Ford from being cooler than the underside of a pillow. Bear in mind that he’s now in his seventies yet he still manages to make anything look cool, especially the earring he wears in his left ear. He had his ear pierced when he was 55 years of age, to help him apparently bond with his buddies, who also had the same piercing. The stud he often wears is subtle yet bold and really stands out without looking too over the top.


Britney Spears

Now that she’s thankfully recovered from her all too public meltdown several years ago, fans and the tabloids alike can once again focus on all of the positives surrounding Britney Spears, including, it seems, her “epic” belly button piercing. She’s had this particular piercing for a number of years now, and is arguably one of the reasons why belly button piercings became so popular, especially amongst teenage girls. Other than her ears, it’s believed to be the only other piercing on her body, and she still wears it proudly to this very day, and still makes it look great it has to be said.


Miley Cyrus

Talking of meltdowns, Miley Cyrus looked well on her way to one of her own this time last year, though thankfully she does seem to have gotten her life in check. She, not too long ago, underwent a dramatic makeover in which she chopped off her trademark golden locks and sported a much shorter hairstyle. This style however, was only accented by her 10, yes, 10 piercings. She has, as of this writing: a belly button piercing, a nose piercing, several on her ear lobes, and even a couple on her cartilage as well. They’re extremely tasteful and they suit her current style perfectly.



In this next example, it may be easier to list all of the places that Pink has NOT had pierced, as it’s quite obvious that the singer/rocker is quite a piercing fan. Her latest piercings include her nipple and her tragus, which is the part of the ear which projects just in front of the ear canal. Tragus piercings are especially popular because although people who haven’t had them pierced seem to think that they hurt, in reality they’re relatively pain-free due to a lack of nerve endings.