Fall Piercing and Body Jewelry Inspo

Fall is coming and while we all have loved the sunny days of summer, colder months are now starting to make its presence felt. Our summer outfits may look fab, but not very suitable for the upcoming season. That’s why this time of year, people often neglect being in style with colorful and trendy accessories or jewelries, in exchange of being comfy, in preparation for the nearing winter.
Luckily, the fashion industry has allowed jewelry to take its place in the spotlight even in this season and there’s many new trends waiting to help you accessorize.
Let’s look at what the jewelry trend is to help you achieve effortless fall style.

Fall is just around the corner! Our brand ambassador @marjorieeg is ready for serious fall body jewelry style inspo!

Pretty in Pearls

Pearls are back in style and while they might seem a formal choice and something you associate with your grandma, you can throw away that idea!
From formal to casual, pearls are getting a revamp and are proving they can go with anything for a feminine touch whatever your style is. The classic string of pearls gets a look in with more classic attire, but larger pearls are really taking over. It seems the bigger the better were preferred at many shows, from high fashion to high street names.
Pearl earrings were seen as small and understated, usually studs, but a fresh take has led to dangle earrings, a variety of sizes and hoops on display. Pearl rings are featured this fall, from chunky knuckledusters to refined individual rings.

Goth is Back

Without a doubt, goth is certainly back. It’s a welcome change from elegance and luxurious accessories, in exchange for something a little grittier.
That said, goth style and accessories this season still channel a certain amount of chic with a hard hitting edge. Goth inspired jewelry has always been dark and brooding and this season is no exception, with lots of cool metallic tones, chunky rings, hammered metals, dark earrings and of course – chains.
Chains have been seen all over the place, replacing the lighter, thinner body chains of summer with something more edgy, dangle chain earrings and many people getting a chance to show off their piercings, with a lot of dark woods, oxidized metals and ear cuffs on display.

Goth also highlights the one area often forgotten in fall fashion – the bracelet – but there’s nothing dainty and delicate here, think dark metal bangles, wrist cuffs and hand chains. Embracing your dark side has never been so fun!


Goth is Back! And @AQSA_S_ knows hows to tap into in perfect timing!

The 90’s Are Back

  • It was only a matter of time before the jewelry trends of the 90’s came back around as twenty to thirty something’s begin to get nostalgic for their youth and the younger kids take notes.
  • Chokers have received a style update moving away from leather and fabric options and found a comfortable home in metal options such as gold and silver.
  • Metal flower-inspired jewelry to compliment floral dresses and casual jackets – especially wrap around rings.
  • Belly rings were a hit in the 90’s with many finding themselves in love with the trend. Fortunately, the crop top is still very much in, so we can expect to see many showing off their belly piercings this fall.
  • Rhinestones and gems still shine on a couple of decades on and can be seen across all 90’s inspired jewelry this season, expect to see hand chains that dazzle and statement rings with added bling.
  • Again body chains and metal touches are all the rage for both genders. Look out for simple metal studs and wooden jewelry to add a creative touch to floral and boho looks that’ll certainly be key this season.

It looks like the 90’s is making a decent comeback.

Glam Goth? YASSSS!!! @MarleyMitch


With the upcoming season change, you don’t need to worry about ever being out of style. While many may be looking for a more plain and simple look, be bold and be ready to stand out with these Fall Fashion Tips and you’re sure to welcome the body jewelry season in style.

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