tongue collageOver the past few decades, the popularity of body piercing has increased significantly. One of the most popular locations for Body Jewelry is the tongue. If you are considering a tongue piercing, there are a number of considerations to make in order to selecting the ideal Tongue Rings for your particular needs.

Available Styles
A tongue ring is, in reality, not really a ring. It is a barbell with beads on each of the ends of the bar. The actual rings will only be used when the piercing is applied near the side or the tip of the tongue. The styles, as far as color, pattern and overall appearance, vary greatly, allowing you to customize the look according to what you like.
Materials Used for the Tongue Ring
In most cases, tongue rings will be created from acrylic or metal materials. A metal piercing is the best option for a new piercing, as it is able to be completely sterilized prior to application. Additionally, this sterilization process will prevent the piece from developing any type of scratches or pits that may lead to bacterial. The most common material used for retainers and tongue ring beads is acrylic.
When it comes to a tongue ring, the size that you need is determined by the actual thickness, or gauge of a particular bar, as well as the length of the bar from one bead to the other. Most first tongue piercings will begin with a 14 gauge pieces that is 5/8 of an inch long. This offers plenty of room for any swelling after the application of the piercing. Once the piercing heals, you can reduce the tongue ring’s length. Generally, this reduction will be down to one half of an inch. It is highly recommended that you do not try to change or remove the piercing until at least four to six weeks after it has had a chance to heal.
Important Considerations
It is important to carefully select the type of tongue ring that you want to use, since there are some that can actually chip your teeth. You can help to avoid this issue when you select an option that is composed of acrylic beads and when you avoid playing with the tongue ring.