Body piercings have grown in popularity over the years as a way for a person to express their personal fashion sense. From basic ear piercings to nose rings, there is probably at least one person you know that wears body piercings other than yourself. Once taboo for a person to wear piercings, today it is widely accepted by many cultures as a normal piece of jewelry to wear. Ear tunnels have been around for generations in indigenous and tribal cultures that used them to show respect for their specific heritage and to stay connected to their ethnic roots. Ear piercing tunnels is one style of body piercing that has grown in popularity in the Western societies, especially with today’s younger generation. If you are considering ear tunnels, it is important to be well-informed on the process and how to gauge your ears to your desired size.

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Before You Gauge Your Ears


  • Gauging your earlobes can be a bit tricky and you should consult with a professional before starting the process.
  • You cannot instantly gauge your ear to the size that you want, it is a process that will take time to complete.
  • Once you have stretched your lobes with ear tapers, they will not return to their normal size if you stop stretching them and will require surgery to repair them.
  • Expect to wait between eight to ten weeks before you stretch your lobes to the next size to allow your flesh time to heal and prevent tearing.
  • You want to care for the gauges like you would any new piercing that you receive to prevent the skin from being infected or irritated.
  • When widening your lobes, you should follow the next size and not skip over a gauge to stretch your lobes faster as this can be painful when you try to stretch them to fast.


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Accent Your Lobes with Stylish Plugs


While stretching your earlobes is a fashion statement, you can enhance your statement by selecting the right plugs that fit your style. From flesh tone to tribal filigree, offers a large inventory of products for you to select from when choosing new plugs for your ears. They dedicate their time to find the quality and unique body jewelry merchandise each customer is searching for to ensure they find the right piece to compliment their style at an affordable price.