Earlier this week we discussed facial piercings and how popular they have become. Facial piercings are not just for women but men are also getting facial piercings too, as they have become extremely popular over time. We are going over a few more popular facial piercings that are taking the industry by force.

Dimple, Cheek piercing– This piercing is done through the cheek, the placement is either through existing dimples or placed as imitation dimples.  Microdermals are another way that the cheek piercing can be done. Many people prefer this way to avoid teeth or gum damage by the jewelry. The microdermal does not pierce through the entire mouth therefore the risk of teeth and gum damage is a lot lower than the traditional cheek piercing. If your cheek piercing is done the traditional way and the oral cavity is completely pierced after the piercing is healed, the labret studs are what are usually worn to not get in the way of the teeth and gums and possibly cause damage.

Anti-eyebrow- This piercings is done using a surface bar that is placed under the eyebrow and above the cheek bone. Depending on the customers preference the piercing can be done either vertical or horizontal.

Medusa- the medusa piercing is a variation of the lip piercing, it is similar to the labret Monroe which is on the upper lip. The medusa is placed directly under the nose in an area known as the philtrum. This piercing is usually done with a labret stud, depending on the preference of the customer it can be done with a small barbell.