Getting a new facial or body piercing can be very exciting. As soon as the healing period is over, you can put on a piece of jewelry the way you like. However, certain situations can stop you from flaunting your piercing with eye-catching jewelry. For example, if you work at a corporate office with a strict dress code or study at a school that forbids piercings, you need to consider different ways to hide your piercings.

Here is the list of ways to hide your facial and body piercings.

1. Septum Piercings

Although septum piercings can be noticed within a single glance, you can hide them without taking off your jewelry. All you need to do is, wear a Titanium Plated Over 316L Surgical Steel Septum Retainer and gently flip it up inside your nose. Once your school or work is over, you can rotate it down to rock your septum piercing. However, you need to ensure that your piercing has completely healed before twisting or rotating your jewelry.

2. Nipple Piercings

To avoid the risk of exposing your nipple piercing to your colleagues or acquaintances, consider wearing a padded bra to hide it well. If you are still worried about it, you can add more layers to your outfits, such as a jacket, hoodie, or scarf for an invisible look.

3. Tragus Piercings

With a tragus piercing, choose a minimalistic stud that matches your skin color instead of wearing a hoop around it. However, if your piercing has not healed yet, you can cover it up by letting your hair down if your hair is chin-length or longer.

4. Rook Piercings

A rook piercing can be easily covered up by wearing your hair down. However, consider putting a small, plain stud in a neutral shade to minimize its appearance if you have shorter hair.

5. Belly Button Piercings

Despite being the most iconic body piercings, belly button piercings can be hidden by your clothes. Choose a shirt or a blouse that covers your belly and does not appear see-through. However, if you are wearing a crop top to your school, consider wearing high-waisted jeans or pants to cover it up.

Finding the perfect jewelry that minimizes the look of your facial or body piercing can be very challenging. Therefore, Body Jewelry has a wide range of studs and rings to flaunt your piercings without standing out in the crowd. You can choose the color that blends in with your skin, and voila! Nobody will notice that you have a piercing that goes against your school or work’s dress code.