Eyebrow Piercings have been part of the body modification culture for quite some time now. As piercings become more acceptable in professional society, so does the increase want of getting this facial piercings. Eyebrow piercings are any piercings that are pierced anywhere around or on the eyebrow. The first thing to address about eyebrow piercings is the myth that eyebrow piercings will make half of you face go numb. This myth is not true. In order for a body part to go numb, nerves must be touched and eyebrow piercings are generally surface piercings. If the piercing is done correctly it should not go anywhere deep enough to hit your nerves. Eyebrow piercing generally take 6-8 weeks to heal, make sure you ask your body modification professional on how to take take of the piercing and how long you should wait for a jewelry change.

The most common eyebrow piercing is the 35 degree angle piercing at end of the eyebrow. It is easy and a very low pain piercing.  A curved barbell or a captive bead ring can be used for this type of piercing. Another type of eyebrow piercing is a horizontal eyebrow ring. This piercing is pierced horizontally above the edge of the eyebrow. Horizontal piercings should be done with a surface bar, which has a shape of a big staple. One of the new types of piercings is the spiral eyebrow piercing. These piercings are like a normal eyebrow piercing, but it has 3 consecutive holes spiraled with a special jewelry piece.

There many different types of body jewelry which can be used to decorate your eyebrow piecing. Always make sure you buy your body jewelry from a reputable seller. One of the new ways to decorate yours eyebrow piercing is with a eyebrow shield. Also, they are logo eyebrow piercings, which can come in many colors and materials.