Body piercings are extremely popular amongst men and women of all ages today. They eyebrow piercing is one of the most popular facial piercings that are performed. This piercing is very trendy and fashionable for young teenagers.

The eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing that is done vertically, the piercing is done from the bottom of the eyebrow through the top. The piercing can be done free hand or with clamps to help guide the needle easily through the skin. The placement of the piercing is based on where the person that is being pierced prefers the piercing to sit. The eyebrow can be pierced while laying down or sitting upright depending on the preference of the piercer.


Aftercare- The healing time for an eyebrow piercing is typically 6 to 8 weeks. You shouldn’t change the jewelry before this time period or you could delay the healing process. You should follow the instructions of the piercer for aftercare. Make sure that you always handle your piercing with clean hands and handle it gently a new piercing is like a fresh wound. Sea Salt soaks and washing it with antibacterial soap should have it heal up with no problem. If you are experiencing difficulties or believe you may have an infection please contact your piercer for assistance.

Jewelry- The eyebrow is typically pierced with a curved barbell or captive bead ring, some even wear horseshoe rings in their eyebrow piercings. Check out this video of Matt Man doing an eyebrow piercing. How an eyebrow piercing is done