The eyebrow ring is a fairly modern piercing and it doesn’t have any tribal or cultural ties to it. This piercing seems to have been introduced during the “Punk” error back in the 1980’s. The eyebrow piercing was introduced as part of the fashion realm then, and has become increasingly popular over time.

There are many variations of the eyebrow ring, such as the vertical and horizontal eyebrow piercing. There are also a few different types of jewelry that can be worn in the piercing.


Twister ring– the twist ring will add an interesting twist to your everyday eyebrow piercing in the shape of a spiral rod that typically comes with colorful and playful end beads.


Curved barbell/banana barbell– this is one of the most common eyebrow rings used, the curved barbell  eyebrow ring is designed to comfortably fit on the eyebrow and it typically used for the initial piercing.

curved barbell eye

Straight Barbell– the straight barbell is also another popular type of eyebrow jewelry the barbell is a small straight rod with end beads. Many straight barbell eyebrow rings come in a variety of unique and vintage designs.


Captive bead ring– Also known as the bead closure ring the captive bead ring is a universal piece of jewelry that can be used on almost any piercing, and many people use the BCR rings in the eyebrow piercing as it can be a comfortable fit. Sometimes the captive bead ring is used as initial piercing jewelry as well.


When shopping for your eyebrow jewelry depending on the type of eyebrow piercing you have it is important to keep in mind the length of the barbell. Make sure that you choose the correct diameter of the captive bead ring or twister ring. Choosing the right gauge size is also important in jewelry shopping. Knowing the proper sizes for your body jewelry will help keep your piercing healthy and long lasting.