Body modification has changed so much over time, it seems like it’s getting more and more extreme as people find ways to express themselves through body art. It has gone far beyond a simple tongue ring or belly button ring to tattooed eyes and split tongues.

Corneal Tattooing- The many reasons why people may tattoo their eyes just might surprise you! Corneal tattooing is not only done for cosmetic purposes but also for medical purposes. Tattooing the cornea of the eye has been practiced for over 2,000 years; it is most commonly used for cosmetic reasons and medical reasons. Many patients get their cornea tattooed after an accident of a disease that has damaged the eye. Others get their eyes tattooed to help reduce the glare in the eye, and of course we have body modification extremist that get their eyes tattooed strictly for fun! There are risks in getting your cornea tattooed it is a very difficult procedure and many of times the procedure has to be retouched as the color can fade. People have gone blind while getting this procedure done. If you plan to have your eyes tattooed you should see a professional to have it done.

Tongue splitting- If you thought stretching your tongue piercing was extreme try splitting your tongue. There are many ways that you can achieve a split tongue or “forked” tongue. The safest way is to have the procedure done by an oral surgeon, though this way can be very pricey, it is being done by a professional and its is a quick and somewhat painless process. The oral surgeon will use anesthesia and use a laser to precisely cut the tongue. This process takes about 15-20 minutes and takes about 2 weeks to heal though some patients heal faster than that.

Another method is cutting the tongue with a blade. Unfortunately this way can be extremely bloody and risky. As we already know there are major blood vessels that run through the tongue therefore the person performing the splitting needs to be extremely cautious.

Like all forms of body modification there are risks that come with tongue splitting and if you are interested in getting your tongue split its best to check out a few professionals and do some research to find the best person to perform this procedure.