Body piercing and modification is something that is practiced everyday. Deriving from ancient cultures body modification can be as simple as a nostril piercing or as extreme as branding or permanently scarring yourself.


In certain cultures and societies scarification was a ritual that was performed to show certain social status, religious status and much more. In western culture scarification is not for religious purposes or social status reason but simply personal preference. Instead of getting a simple tattoo where a tiny needle goes in and out of the skin along with ink, scarification is where the skin is cut and there is permanent scar left over once the skin has healed. The scars can be done in shapes and designs just like tattoos are done. Many people choose to scarify to be different from those that choose to get inked with a normal tattoo. You should be extremely careful with the healing process of scarification. Make sure that you keep the area clean at all time as your flesh will be completely exposed and can easily become infected.


Corset piercings are another form of extreme but increasingly popular piercing. This type of piercing is done temporarily typically for photo shoots, shows, and just a simple fetish. The piercing consists of multiple piercings that have captive bead rings that are inserted, where a ribbon is thing put through the bead rings to form the look of a corset. Corset piercing really do not have an ancient history as it gained popularity in the late 1990’s. It is still practiced to this day but mainly for tattoo shows and conventions.