Body modification is all about expressing yourself. And when it comes to the jewelry for these body modification, they do not hold back. Some of the most popular body jewelry are the ones with a foul mouth expression, or an anti-culture logo. This type of jewelry is very common among the younger crowd, but in the recent years it has been growing into a more adult audience.

The most common are the curse words jewelry. They can come in almost any type of jewelry from ear studs and eyebrow jewelry, to belly rings and tongue rings. Some of them might say words like “Fuck” or “Fuck Me.” Others might also say “Pussy.” It all depends on what you want to express, and how you want to express it. Not all the jewelry has to be a Rated R as the ones stated, there are some that do say “Sex” or “Lick Me“. Choose the right one for you, and express what y0u are feeling at that moment.

Other popular expression jewelry are the ones with anti-culture logos. If you like to express your support for the LGBT Community, a rainbow logo will be the perfect way to express yourself. Also, there are many political figures that put on jewelry to express either their support or the oppose them. There are many ways to show what you feel or support, but always make sure your body jewelry comes from reputable seller. Also, do not change any jewelry until the piercing is completely healed.