Nose piercings are the second most popular type of piercings next to the ear lobes. The most popular type of nose piercing is the nostril, but there are a variety of other parts of the nose that people choose to pierce. Knowing what type of piercing you want is crucial when determining the correct nose piercing best suited for you.

  • Nostril piercing- The most popular and easiest type of nose piercings. Many find this piercing to be relatively painless.
  • Septum piercing- Involves piercing through tissues under the cartilage or even through the cartilage itself.
  • Bridge piercing- Done through the soft tissue of the bridge of your nose. Most commonly, a bridge piercing is done at eye level.
  • Nasal-Tip Piercing- Piercing is done from within the top of the nasal tip without going through the cartilage of the nose’s septa.
  • The Austin Bar- A piercing technique of horizontally piercing the nasal tip.
  • Nassalang- this is one of the hardest types of nose piercing. The piercing is done by puncturing the nasal’s septa and the nose’s wings as well.

Most people commonly use classic nose rings and straight barbells when it comes to selecting body jewelry. It is best to select nose jewelry that can be sterilized, hypoallergenic, easy to replace, comfortable while wearing and also looks the way you desire. When deciding to get your nose pierced it is extremely important to select a piercer who has a strong concentration on cleanness, sterility and is well trained. Most nose piercings are done by using a hollow needle, nostril piercings are commonly done by using a piercing gun that is quick and relatively painless.