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Body piercings are often visually beautiful and are a part of a one’s unique fashion statement, especially here in Miami where the weather is warm and skin exposed almost all year long. Besides the beauty and fashion typically associated with body piercings, they can also be a source of immense sensuality and eroticism.

In this article, we’ll explore sensual body piercings that not only look stunning but also add to the spice of one’s own unique style and flair. Whether you are male or female, sensual body piercings are an erotic way to adorn yourself and pleasure your partner.

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Male or female, a bilateral set of nipple piercings are always a welcome and pleasant surprise. For the gents, this is an exotic look to enhance any chest- nothing surprises your partner more than the first time they see your nipples pierced at a moment of first time intimacy.

As the famous Michelangelo depicted in numerous works of art, the female breast is an anatomical asset that is just so sensual and beautiful and feminine in itself. Add a nipple piercing and the eroticism is immediately evident. Although this is notoriously famed as a rather painful piercing, it is one that packs the stealthiness of a hidden gem. It’s stunning to look at and it can be a source of intense stimulation and sensitivity for the one who dares to adventure here.

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A tongue piercing is seemingly innocent, until it’s not. I love this piercing because it is one of those piercings that have a high impact yet can be easily hidden (or shown) at will of the owner. One of the most common types of oral piercings, the tongue is typically pierced in the center and takes just a few short weeks to heal and feel like a part of your own body.

For your partner, having a solid piece of stimulating jewelry for your tongue piercing can be something that can create a tremendous amount of pleasure. For deep, passionate kisses, a tongue piercing paves the way for playful banter.

Take that to the next level in surprising stimulation during oral sex with your lovely other half by adorning your tongue with a barbell capped off with a french tickler or a door knocker to create extra stimulation with texture and movement. Yes, your partner will thank you.




Genital piercings vary in position and function in males and females. With male genital piercings, the possibilities are many, however some of the most popular male genital piercings include the Prince Albert, Frenum, Hafada, Lorum, Deep Shaft and Foreskin piercings. Those considering getting a male genital piercing should note that this could require extra steps with use of condoms, so be sure to ask your piercer what the recommended protocol is.

Some popular female genital piercings include the Nefertiti, Vertical Hood, Horizontal Hood, inner and outer labia and the Fourchette. Women who have difficulty getting aroused can benefit from having a genital piercing for a more satisfying sexual experience, although sensitivity is highly individual. Also, take into note the required healing time for such piercings, both male and female.





Sensual Piercings for the erogenous zones can be both exciting, thrilling, sensuous and erotic. Having such piercings can be something that is for you, for your partner or both. Whatever the reason, just be sure to consider your erogenous zones and do it for you first, then for others’ consideration. Adorning yourself with jewel encrusted body jewelry or the stimulating counterparts or even plain old barbells and rings are all ways you can dress your piercing to reflect the person that you are.

Enjoy experimenting with yourself or with your partner. The joys of having sensual piercings is more than skin deep for everyone involved. Be sure to trust your valued jewels to an experienced piercer and use high quality body jewelry such as gold or surgical steel.


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