One of the easiest ways to hide a nose piercing at work is with a retainer nose ring. These pieces will keep your piercing open but will not be noticeable while in a work environment, or any other place you’d want to hide your piercing! Many of these are sold in flesh, or clear tones so that it is not noticeable on your face. There are different types of retainer nose piercings that can be purchased. Here is a list of a few:

  • Straight Nose Piercing Retainer

These piercings are generally made out of bioplast, a very soft and flexible clear plastic. This retainer is comfortable and will not irritate your piercing. This is your best option if you like to wear straight nose studs.

  • Curved Nose Piercing Retainers

There are two main types of curved nose piercings. Each will be a benefit to you if you prefer to wear curved nose studs. When it comes to these, which one is best, is based off of your personal preference.

  1. Solid Nose Piercing Retainer. These piercings are great because they are just one piece. There is no screw on pieces to have to use or potentially lose. These piercings are great because once they are put in they only look like a tiny bump on the skin.
  2. Push-fit Nose Piercing Retainer. These piercings give you a little more flexibility when it comes to style. Although, the main piece is, generally, clear, peach-colored, or black, they have a disc that can be swapped out for other accessories. When back at work, you’ll be able to switch out the accessory with the flat disc for an almost invisible look.

Other Ways to Use Retainers to Their Full Potential

Since retainers come in a limited amount of colors, you may not be able to find one that is exactly what you want. When it comes to buying one of the flat disc piercings, there are a few options to make it look exactly how you would like.

  1. Paint the Disc with Nail Polish. Use a nail polish that you think complements your skin.
  2. Use Makeup to Cover Up the Flat Disc. By using makeup, the disc will most likely match your skin tone exactly.
  3. Makeup Not Working Well? Take a small bandage and cut it into a small piece that will fit over your piercing. After applying this small piece, use a liquid bandage to cover the original bandage. By doing this, it will create a flat surface. After, try your make up again, it should go over the bandage smoothly.

Ready to Buy?

There are many options when it comes to buying a retainer nose ring. Whether you are using it for work, or any other event, they can come in handy to help keep your piercing healthy and open. If you are ready to shop around for the right option for you, check out!