Happy 43rd Earth day earthlings, today April 22 is the day that we celebrate Earth Day. Earth day is observed in over 192 countries worldwide. It is nice to see how countries around the world take one day to observe the importance of preserving our planet and keeping it clean. As a people we can help keep our environment cleaner and safer for generations to come. Each and every day we should be finding ways to reduce, recycle and reuse products that we use. Try using less energy around you house if your not using it, unplug it. If you leave a room, turn the light off. At least once a day do we all come in contact with a product that we can recycle whether it’s a plastic water bottle, glass jar from making spaghetti at dinner, plastic bags, old clothes and the list goes on. Some of the items that you can recycle can also be reused. Reusing old clothes and glass or plastic jars are great for at home arts and crafts with your family. It’s also a great way to show your children how to recycle and reuse it’s a great way to start healthy habits in your children. So on this earth day and everyday make sure you try and reduce, recycle, and reuse before your throw items away.

In honor of earth day body jewelry lovers can adorn their piercings with organic and wood body jewelry.


Organic Ear Plugs

An incredibly unique selection of horn and bone ear plugs will surely turn up something interesting for your ears! Our fabulous designs include cut-out stars, leopard skin, 8-ball, alien heads, and so many different hand-cut motifs. All of our body jewelry is the highest quality you can find- including these all-natural, amazingly beautiful horn and bone plugs!


Wood Ear Plugs

Sometimes, all-natural is the only way to go, and wood ear plugs will certainly do that for you! Our ultra high quality selection of gorgeous wooden ear stretchers and plugs will surely delight, and keep you standing out from the crowd. Some of our incredible designs include unique double flare tunnels, spikes, flowers, and peace signs.


Natural Stone Plugs

Deck your ear plugs with some of the earth’s finest treasure: natural stone. Made from the highest quality materials possible, these ear plugs look amazing, and are truly unique. Agate, jasper, and quartz ear tunnels will add an exotic, earthy touch to your body jewelry!