Getting a new ear piercing can be very scary as an adult. The majority of people are likely to have their first ear piercing during their childhood. However, after growing up, many people wish to have more than one ear piercings. From tragus piercing and helix piercing to industrial piercing, all ear piercings are common among youngsters. With a new piercing, you are prone to experience a new change as it will require a great deal of effort in taking care of the piercing.

 Ear Piercings 101: Everything You Need to Know

Many people are concerned about whether the process is excruciatingly painful or tolerable. It depends on your pain tolerance and the position of your new ear piercing. Also, the expertise of your piercer determines your experience. A professional piercer is likely to get it done in a minute. Moreover, he will enlighten you regarding different ways to take care of your new ear piercing while it heals.

When it comes to jewelry, your piercer will guide you on which jewelry is suitable for your piercing, depending on its location. For example, your piercer may recommend you to put a hoop on your daith piercing. Similarly, your piercer will recommend a stud if the pierced area is not prone to an infection or other complications.

 Ear Piercings and Pain

Some of the ear piercings are painless. On the other hand, some piercings are likely to cause pain and discomfort within your ear. If you are getting a piercing on your cartilage, you will experience some level of pain which can be low to moderate. In comparison, a helix piercing does not cause much pain and looks very edgy and stylish.

If you are looking to get an ear piercing that won’t cause much pain, you should avoid getting a conch piercing as it hurts the most. However, if it’s your first ear piercing, you should consider a standard lobe piercing.

 Healing Process

With a new ear piercing, you should perform proper aftercare until it has healed completely. Typically, the healing process takes around 6 to 8 months to complete. However, the majority of lobe piercings may heal within 6 to 10 weeks. Similarly, cartilage piercings can take over three months to heal.

You should avoid changing the jewelry for a few months. Also, you need to regularly clean the jewelry and piercing at least twice a day while it heals. Once you have cleaned it properly, you should apply a skin ointment to expedite the healing process.

Ear piercings are less intimidating than the rest of the piercings. With good care and consistent efforts, you can prevent any risk of infection.