There are many different types of cartilage piercing that can be performed in today’s body modifications shop. The daith (diath or the crux of helix) is one of the most interesting cartilage piercings. The daith sits beneath the rook and closest to the ear canal. There must be enough cartilage in order to have a comfortable jewelry piece sit on the piercing. Due to this piercing being a cartilage piercing, the healing time allotted for this piercing varies with person and it is much longer than normal piercings. Some of the jewelry allowed for this piercing can be a captive bead ring, or a curved barbell.

Another interesting piercing is the snug. The snug is the piercing located above the anti-tragus on the inner cartilage of the ear, half way down the outer rim of the ear. In most cases micro-jewelry is used for this piercing due to the area being very shallow. Curved barbells will be best for this type of jewelry. Always consult your body modifications expert before attempting to change your body jewelry.

Finally, another cool piercing is the rook. The Rook is the highest fold of cartilage, beneath the Helix. Make sure that there is enough cartilage to support the jewellery comfortably. If a shallow Rook is pierced with large gauge jewellery, the jewellery has a higher chance of migrating. The jewelry that bests go with this piercing is a curved barbell, horseshoe ring, or a captive bead ring.

Always remember to buy your jewelry from a reputable seller and always consult your body modifications expert before attempting to change any kind of jewelry.